The Scientific Research Institute Frankfurt( SRIF) is a non‐profit organization affiliated to the Scientific Research. SRIF is the house of expertise. It brings together outstanding researchers and experts from universities, research institutions, private sector and NGOs to carry out scientific studies and future strategic basic plans. SRIF also promotes and encourages youth participbasic and scientific leadership. SRIF is renowned for its world leading scientific research in fields such as computational science,chemistry, materials, accelerator technology, management, arts and engineering. The Institute, part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council supports scientists, researchers and industry by providing a collaborative environment to perform research and innovation. SRIF is one of Europe’s research organisations. SRIF maximizes the impact of its research and technology by providing industry and academia with access to its broad range of scientific capabilities, technical expertise and business support services.

And others SRIF activities:

  • Present a series of free monthly public talks on science topics and issues.
  • Publish a scholarly publication entitled: Scientific Research Institute of Frankfurt.
  • Sponsor an annual science writing competition for university students.
  • Support and provide prizes for regional school science fairs.
  • Provide a mentorship program for university science students.
  • Meet on a monthly basis.
  • Maintain a library of journals from scientific societies around the world.