Mission and Strategy


  • Cultivate outstanding talents in science and technology
  • Promote cooperative research with industry and international collaborations in education and research
  • Contribute to advances in science and technology and improve balanced regional economic development in Germany




Proud creator of future science and technology

  1. 1- World-class science and engineering university
    • Globally competitive campus
    • Research oriented university education achieved through specialization and focus in specific areas/li>
  2. 2- Innovative convergence research for global issues
    • Global convergence research and convergence between departments to present innovative research model
    • Developing new research field based on interdisciplinary research, spreading the results
  3. 3- Entrepreneurial leadership and robust collaborations with industry and academia
    • Preparing the next generation for the creative economy through entrepreneurial training
    • Providing a catalyst for regional economic growth through strategic industrial partnerships and focused research initiatives